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Neuro wants me on Aubagio

Just wondering what peoples experiences are on Aubagio, as a little scared. Copaxone caused a massive allergic reaction and I ended up in hospital, and tecfedira made me feel so ill. Been off meds a few years but need to get back on something. What was your experience on aubagio? Thank you xxx



@hayleyp3 , an "Aubagio" tag has been automatically added to the foot of your post above. Selecting this tag will locate previous posts regarding Aubagio. But why are you being offered another first line Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) when there are more effective DMTs available? The following may help you explore these options :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/about-ms/ms-treatments/ms-decisions-aid Do your research and request your preferred choice. After all, it's going into your body so you should have a say!



started Aubagio 3 weeks ago with some stomach upset and diarrhea for 1.5 days. this is my 5 th drug since 2004 diagnosis



@hayleyp3 I have been on Aubagio for 4.5 years. I had loose stools for the first week or so and then had hair shedding (evenly distributed) from months 4-7. It all grew back! I am very happy on it as long as it keeps me stable. I haven’t had a relapse on it and I can’t feel any difference if I take or don’t (I forgot to take it on vacation with me one time). You don’t need to take it with food either so I like the flexibility. Let me know how it goes. Best of luck!



Thank you for your replies. This will be my 3rd ms drug. Really hope it works out. I will definitely let you all know xxx



Hi. I've been on Aubagio for 4 months and I've not had any symptoms. I feel better and better all the time, and I thank God for Aubagio. I had a very, very small amount of hair fall that stopped after the second month. Now nothing. No one could tell, including me! The only side effect that I had (very slightly) was an slightly increased ability to lose weight. Yeah! So that rocks. LOL My labs have all come back extremely positive and my neuro says that I am good to go on the vaccine with my readings on liver, kidney and thyroid so positive across the board. I am careful on my diet, never drink alcohol, and use turmeric, sumac, and black coffee to support my liver naturally. I was terrified before I went on it, and now I am really happy with the results. Good luck to you!



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I have been on Aubagio for four months now only side effect is hair thinning which should subside in a few months. I am feeling better in my walking and able to work easier now. Still have bad days but they last short term, happy withis choice at the moment