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Exercise whilst working full time

Hi everyone. I'm wondering how you guys fit exercise in whilst working full time and looking after family / house etc?! I'm a primary school teacher so my days are pretty active and then I have 9 year old son who is football mad and out at training and games several times per week. Plus house work, cooking etc. I'm panicking I haven't done any exercise as such although I am active most of the day.. thanks in advance.



Hi Hayley, if you're moving, you're essentially exercising so give yourself some credit. Not sure if you are a single mum or have a partner so I don't want to assume and offer suggestions etc. I have a 18 month old and the wife and I work full time. We share all the chores etc and work as a team. I normally exercise once he's in bed as I have my own mini gym. I also walk my 10,000 steps a day. I have started mountain biking again. I'll be paddle boarding a lot more once the weather warms up a bit. I also swim. Every weekend as a family we get out and about, either at the beach, new forest, walking and playing. I don't like sitting still, always gotta be doing something 😊




Hi If you have to travel to work see if access to work can help with travelling time. Contact jobcentre.



@HayleyJC1988 Sounds as if you’re doing a lot of exercise! You could build things into that day - a few squats and lunges while cooking, balancing on one leg (if you can) while cleaning your teeth, doing some good stretches when you get up, making sure to take the stairs where possible (again if you can), walking faster...I got a 66fit balance board (Amazon, around £27) and it’s brilliant - just 30 seconds of standing with feet together, then 30 seconds of looking from one side to the other and then 30 secs of standing with eyes closed - it’s really helped my balance. I’ve also got a couple of 2 kilo dumbbells from Tiger and do some curls and stuff while watching tv...



Thank you all. Great advice as always 👍 I have a pilates bar for stretching which I do most days and dumbells too but never thought of doing that whilst watching TV will try this 😀. I have a partner but I've always taken the load of chores and I'm not sure I'm ready to give that up as I'm a bit of a control freak which i know will have to ease eventually but I'll continue until I can no longer. Have a good day all x




Personally I count cleaning the house and walking my dogs as excercise! It doesn't have to be in a gym in my opinion.




I used to go for a run (when I could still run!) while the boy was football practice or were doing their sport basically go in kit and run from their pitch. I then used to go for a walk with other basketball mums instead of sitting about waiting when that was the thing. We would walk and talk.



I love ‘ The Balanced Life’ Pilates and barre exercises with Robin along. She offers free challenges every so often and posts workouts on her Instagram and YouTube channel. She also has a subscription service which I use. Workouts range from 10-30 minutes which I can sneak in with my 19 month old. This makes such a difference with my spasticity and nerve pain. Good luck! :)



I think you should stop beating yourself up. From your post, you seem pretty active already. I am a single mum with two children (now grown up) and work full time in London, so would walk to and from the office to the train station before lockdown (about 25 min walk). Whilst in lockdown, I've discovered fitness walking videos on YouTube, there are loads to choose from. Use the Search function on this site to find advice on exercise.