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What should I expect? Baseline MRI after 1st treatment

Hello. 🌻 I started treatment on December 15th (Kesimpta) I had my base mri last night (Feb 29th) I have lesions on my brain and neck. Last night I was told that they would be scanning my brain and only the top half of my neck (I believe some of my lesions are on the lower half of my neck) I don't understand why for a baseline they are not scanning my brain and full spinal chord. What if I have new lesions there and so they'll be missed? I was just so surprised and disappointed 😞 Or am I just over reacting? I am wondering if this is standard practice and what others have experienced. I sometimes find the 'MS admin' (chasing people, trying to advocate for myself) truly exhausting. Thanks in advance ✨️😊

Good morning and Happy March 1st! Spring is on the way! I can share that my first few MRIs only looked at my brain and the C1-C3 area of the neck. My impression is that doctors look at your symptoms and have a pretty darn good idea where the lesions are located. I did later ask for a lower spine MRI just because I never had received one and it showed nothing. I also have a couple spots in my brain and 2 on my upper spine….C2 area and T1 I believe. I’m glad for you that you are starting treatment. No matter what, it feels good to be doing something positive for ourselves. I look forward to each treatment as if it was a spa day! —-well, maybe not that thrilled about it, but it is still a positive action. Glad to meet you today.


@Criscross21 Thanks so much for your response. I spoke to my MS nurse today and my lovely Shift MS buddy: they were both reassuring. I need to do a bit more learning too. I have no clue where the C1-C3 area is. I'd be keen to understand where my lesions are. Off to go and do some Googling. Thanks again 🌻