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Cannabis treatment for all in uk

I recently found out through the.gov website that cannabis is an available prescription thoughout the whole of the uk I was accepted immediately after telling them I was primary progressive it was a £50 private doctors consultation the prescription is quite a lot however I do have primary progressive so they’re trying to put me on the oils and the flowers I said that I’ve been using cannabis for the pain for years and it’s the one thing that actually helps I don’t know about any of you but cannabis is one of the best reliefs for most of the pain when I took a break from cannabis between being accepted as a patient and getting my prescription filled I actually suffered quite badly however when I went back to cannabis especially the medical cannabis my pain went away and I felt free again. #fundrug #treatment

What treatment were prescribed? (e.g. flowers, Sativex) and how much does it cost?


Well my personal first prescription is £200 and that’s supposed to be 3 months of oils and 10g of flowers if you run out of one you can order separately but the oils are definitely the expensive part, first you must sign up to “my access clinics” £50 consultation with private dr