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Clear Lumbar Puncture

Has this happened to anyone else? So my symptoms started with a full left side buzzing feeling in my face. My GP referred me and a neurologist explained it sounded like demyelination and the most probable cause was MS just to prepare me. Would get an MRI. Got my MRI was told CIS diagnosis and referral to MS Specialist. Saw the specialist and he went through the MRIs in detail and said he was certain this was more than CIS and lots of leisons all over the brain. However as I couldn't recollect any previous symptoms would get a lumbar puncture purely to confirm diagnosis. He was in no doubt. Since the initial symptoms the tingling has definitely spread to (mainly legs and feet - both) and hands/arms both but they occur separately whereas legs is normally symmetrical. Both come and go depending on lots of factors. Fatigue also hits like a truck, but comes and goes, good days and bad days! (I was never a person who needed a nap, always was a ball of energy!) Anyway!! My neurologist has just phoned to say my lumbar puncture doesn't match up with what he was expecting and he's a but stumped! With the activity in my MRI he would definitely have expected oligoclonal bands in the CSF! I've to get another MRI in 6 weeks, brain and spine with contrast and call before if I develop new symptoms. He's also going to ask colleagues if they can think of anything he's missing? Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi I also had a clear lumber puncture indicating no bands in the s f ,funnily enough the left side is also my problem side ,after hospital admittance a dx of rrms was confirmed ,monthly Kesimpta injections help keep disability at bay ,hope you get from this what you want to hear , be well as poss


Hi @GemmaC yes this happened to me. Lots of lesions and demylination on brain and c spine but my LP was inconclusive. My Neurologist said it was " probable MS " and gave me access to an MS nurse 3 years ago. He said he thought I had MS for sometime and it couldn't be anything else. It wasn't until a new lesion was found almost 3 years later that I got a formal diagnosis of MS. Take care and I hope you get answers and help soon xx