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I don’t have a bio and don’t really have the energy to type up my back story. (I’ll muster up the motivation to make a bio later this week lol) but I am 24, diagnosed Sep 2019 with RRMS. I had a question on dizziness. If I sit/squat, lay down or reach for things up high for too long I experience this lightheaded dizzy feeling that flushes over my body. Sometime my legs give out and I fall to the ground, most of the time I hold on to something to stabilize myself. I saw my Neurologist today (follow up for my first dose of Mavenclad) (used to be on Tecfidera) and she told me that I should monitor my blood pressure because it sound like it could be from unusual fluctuations and had nothing to do with ms (even though I’ve never experienced this until I was diagnosed). Does anyone else know what I’m talking about, or have any suggestions?
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