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Hi everyone, I have RRMS and I am currently on Tysabri since my diagnosis in April 2020 but I need to come off it due to PML risk, Dr suggests Ocrevus, just wondering about people’s experience as I have done so well on Tysabri, hope everyone is surviving the heat!



This is a bridge I’ll have to cross myself at some point. Not looking forward to it as tysabri is all I know in terms of treatment. Did the doctor only suggest ocrevus or where there other options ?



believe me ditch ocrevus



Nope ocrevus has done wonders for my mindset and body. No more foggy thoughts, stumbling for words or walking around aimlessly. Ocrevus A+!! Best Jorge



Hi, I have rr ms too and I'm on copaxone and it seems to be helping I just get my normal tingling sensation but no full on relapes. I don't know about you but the heat has really making my ms play up but I have something called cool towel and it does help, specially at night. Hope you are ok in this heat too