MS Sessions 2024?

Hi all, I've been around for a while now. Dx 2009 if you can believe it. There's useful information in my old posts. Should be reasonably easy to find. I remember Prague in 2016. That was great fun. And then Bucharest in 2019. George might remember all those little bottles of Palinka. Fun times. I'd love to see you all in a big conference type hotel setup again. Takes a mammoth bit of coordination getting everything set up for something like this. And I'm not getting any younger but I reckon I could get myself on the guest list by being the only Amatsu therapist with MS in the world (as far as I'm aware). And yeah, I'd work for free, help everyone who needs it and teach you all how I help myself. So now it's ideas time: Where's a good low cost European city with an airport that everyone can get to on a reasonably cheap flight? Could it work?