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Tysabri - thoughts/ views/ experiences

Thoughts/ experiences from those who have taken Tysabri ? I am newly diagnosed rrms and have had blood results for jcv showing negative. I was offered Tysabri, ocrevus and kesimpta and and meeting ms nurse next week to talk through my decision.Ive read everything! I'm a bit apprehensive about Tysabri due to risks of PML but my nurse has reassured me and seems to think this may be a good choice as my MS is very active. I'd value opinions of those wha have taken Tysabri. Thanks.

Just remember u cant get PML if u r JCV is negative only people who are jcv positive can get PML with Tysabri. . I am on Tysabri and it does work more than I thought but am thinking to change to kesiptra as will be alot easier and still a top MS Treatment .AllTheBest.


Hi....I am JCV positive but have been on Tysabri for 4 years now. Unfortunately my JCV has increased and now I need to change. I have found the Tysabri fantastic. Since my diagnosis in 2018 I have had no relapses and I do feel its really kept things under control