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New lesions and starting DMT

So my latest MRI results have come back and shows at least 1 new brain lesion compared to my scan in August 2022. I need to start DMT and the options approved for me is Cladribide, Tysabri, Kesimpta and Ocrevus. I know everyone's MS is different and people can react differently to medications but can anyone give any guidance on these. Is there one that stands out that is more effective than the other. I love to hear about anyone's experiences with any if these drugs. Ideally I want to choose the most effective with the least risk......but I guess that's what everyone wants right lol. Thanks

My Neuro put me on Cladribine and said it was a bit less effective than Ocrevus and Tysabri but had less risks. He said we would try Ocrevus or Kesimpta if it didn’t work. It was very simple…only 10 pills a year taken within 2 months. Ask your Neuro what they think based on your MRI and symptoms.


Do you want a highly effective drug, or less serious side effects? I opted for hit it hard and fast. Therefore I personally would choose tysabri, Ocrevus or kesimpta. All the best with your choice. Definitely recommend doing what’s right for you.