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Why take the most modern DMTs?

This post from the Barts MS blog stats it with science! Having had MS for 26y I feel that I have largely missed out on the brain health benefits of modern DMTs. In an odd sort of way I envy the younger and newly diagnosed people (not the MS part, that sucks) because of the increase in options and the efficacy of treatments available. Have a read of some interesting research. The results and methodology are valid, studies of greater numbers are underway. https://multiple-sclerosis-research.org/2019/02/to-b-or-not-to-b-thats-is-profgs-atrophy-question/

Hello, Domonics me too I'm 28yrs post Diagnosis with2ndry progressive. I've always had progressive. sandra


@dominics , I share your sentiments. That Prof. G. sure has a way with words. 😉