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Moving to Lemtrada - Yippee

Despite having MS for 28y, I had a conversation - f2f! - with my new neuro and he gladly agreed to my request to be moved from Ocrelizumb (Ocrevus) to Alemtuzumab (Lemtrada). Not only is it arguably a more highly efficacious drug than ocrelizumab it doesn't come freighted with the much publicised and discussed issues around one's ability to benefit from Covid-19 vaccines and the inevitable boosters. One also has to wonder if the Ocrelizumab was rendering the annual flu jab useless. The thinking is that with only a T-cell population left (Ocrelizumab pharmaceutically carpet bombs your B-cells) one can mount a small response. I'll always take a small response over nothing, have always had all my jabs regardless and would continue to do so even if I hadn't been switched. I have agreed to wait a month as my neurologist wants to research the changeover in order not to expose me to some ghastly auto-immune disease, something I am in favour of myself! Without prompting he gave me his email and we both agreed to go and research this and if I found anything/anyone of use then I was to email it/their details to him. Several people have already stepped forward and offered to share their knowledge with him, which is extremely kind. If you or anyone you know has been moved from Ocrelizumab to Alemtuzumab then I'd love to hear the experience from a patient point of view. Please comment here or drop me a DM. Thank you. At least the hiatus of the next 6mo to a year will have an end point and I will eventually not have to choose between having my MS treated with an effective medication OR being able to benefit from vaccinations. I'll be able to do both, which is all I have ever wanted.