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Long term Cladribine results

Are you taking Cladribine for your MS. Turns out it is pretty decent stuff! - Another example of why we need everyone with MS to sign up to the UK MS Register. - https://ukmsregister.org/ - "Over half of MS patients analysed did not relapse or experience disability progression during 60 months of follow-up from the last dose, suggesting that cladribine tablets remain effective in years 3 and 4 after short courses at the beginning of years 1 and 2." - https://multiple-sclerosis-research.org/2020/06/what-happens-with-cladribine-in-the-long-term/



You might be taking Cladribine under its marketed name of Mavenclad.



I'm pretty sure I've had a mini relapse or perhaps it's with everything going on? My arms have felt achy, especially under my arms and the base of skull and neck have been really sore. I don't know whether it's just the situation but I've never really had any bother from my MS until the last few months. Is it normal to get arm, neck and shoulder pain?