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Losing and missing friends

I’m finding more and more that my friends are keeping me out of the loop — not being invited to do things, or avoiding hanging out with me (and I know this because they’re posting on social media). They tell me they’re too busy but don’t worry we’ll find a time… and then silence. It started when we all rented a cottage a year ago and had our designated day to cook and clean up… but I was among the last invited and didn’t know what had been discussed/the rules. The first day we were there, one of the new folks in our group who is a doctor, told me to relax and he would do my part of the cleanup, so that’s what happened. He had seen my fatigue was really bad and offered the help. But my other friends, not knowing he told me he would take care of things, were getting annoyed with me. So I approached them and had a conversation to figure out what was wrong (I was being ignored). When we finally cleared the air and the doctor backed me up, we moved on and had a good rest of the weekend. But ever since, I’ve been avoided by some of those people that I thought were my friends. They were understanding before (for years even since I was first diagnosed) but it’s like they lost patience with me? I don’t know. It’s just feeling a little lonely lately and it’s not like they’re giving me access to them to ask them about it.

Yes I can understand where you're coming from I've lost practically all my friends they seem to be scared they might catch something off me I think lol I also genuinely think that people cannot handle illness especially a serious illness it really does affect people and it affect s the perceptions on how they see people so yeah if they would truly good friends they would stay with you but you will make lots of new good friends that I am assure of so don't go worrying about stuff like that because it's not worth it have a happy smiley sunny day


Thank you. I appreciate that. I known losing friends is part of life but it’s so hard to make new ones. With me being so tired my life is basically going to work and home. I’m trying to find clubs and activities to meet new people but it’s not easy.