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Tysabri and Ocrevus

Hi everyone, I've just had a relapse while on Gilenya so I'm going to be changing treatment to either Tysabri or an antiCD20 molecule like Kesimpta. I was wondering whether it gets progressively more difficult to find a vein for iv access once a month while taking Tysabri? Also, does anyone have experience with taking Ocrevis, the 6 monthly antiCD20 treatment? Thank you!

Well I just started ocrevus Feb of 2023 2 fusions 2 weeks apart, now it's going to be 6 months. Everything went well, with the infusions,however I just want it to do what it's going to do. According to a neurologist in Boston, Dr Aaron boster I don't know if anyone listens right him, but he does a whole bunch if youtube videos and he mentions highly effective medicines and one of them is OCREVUS. I was on tecfidera from Jan 2014 and stopped Nov 2021 because of false information I was given that tecfidera and all other DMDs are made with furniture. So I got scared But I stopped & got a relapse so bad , that I have weakness in my legs, numbness& tingling on my hands. Now I use my walker full time , I can't cook because I can't stand to long. I have never in my diagnosis that I used a scooter at loblaws, costco, or Walmart. I will never ever forgive that person that has told me false information. Look where I am now. If u ever hear about a program called " LIVE DISEASE FREE" PAM BARTHA, THINK twice, don't listen to anyone, especiallly when it comes to ur health. I had a very bad experience


Im in the uk and at hallamshire hospital on ocrevus infusion and so far going ok, apparently its gold standard of DMTs so time will tell !