Big Changes

I have one more week of usual work next week and then as of the 1st April, my hours are dropping from 40-50 per week….down to about 4-6 hours per week. Due to a number of reasons. Some clients felt like they didn’t want to risk working with someone who might be ill a lot (even though I’ve only taken 7 days off since last November and that was only because I was in hospital for a week and my husband wouldn’t bring my laptop 😂). Some clients have restructured, or found someone they thought was more suited to the job role or same excuse as the first one. Working with me is a risk, I completely get it. If I have another flareup, I might potentially need days weeks or even months off work for even people without MS cannot guarantee that they will never have a sick day. It’s a bit upsetting after 14 years of being in business, but on the bright side, it will take a lot of pressure off me especially because after next week my kids are off school for two weeks. My house is a tip. I get really tired and I struggle to find time for self care. Things have slipped since I got poorly in November and I will now have a lot more time to sort it all out, I want to declutter the house, see my friends, read, sit in the garden and catch up on all my Netflix shows 😂 I’m going to stick to doing the minimum amount of work for a couple of months, and see how I feel. I can then decide if that’s the new life for me, or if I want to start actively looking for work. It’s weird to feel sad and happy, overwhelmed and relaxed at the same time 😂😂😂 But I think I’m the long run, this is going to be good for me 💪