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Back from holiday

I got back from holiday 5 days ago. My husband went back to work yesterday so that felt like my first proper day back into my new normal routine. My holiday in the UK went well. My shoulder still really hurts but I have an ultrasound next Tuesday. My back really hurts too, but I think I’m just going to have to crack on with things. I ended up driving my dad to hospital and I sitting there for two hours two days before we came home because he has COPD and developed a chest infection. I decided past, I was on holiday that I couldn’t sit at home anymore. My self-employed business currently consists of zero clients, and I just don’t have the passion to build it up again. I have started applying for jobs which is bizarre after working for myself for 15 years :D I honestly don’t know if I could even hold down a job, but I need to try. Since losing my business, I have felt really depressed, isolated my confidence has dropped tremendously. Most days I struggled to leave the house. I’ve decided that I can’t sit around and wait to see if I get worse. I just need to live my life. Even though I had my third relapse in 12 months in May, I had an MRI on Tuesday this week and they were no new lesions and the lesions that I have aren’t currently active. I’m only 42, I’m on Kesimpta and I’m getting a checkup with my neurologist and three MRIs a year. I can’t keep sitting around just in case I have another relapse. I’ve got to find a way to stop living my life as a person struggling with MS. I’m trying to see past the fatigue, the brain fog and the pain I just live my life as much as I can. I’ve also started studying from home towards an AAT qualification to try and force my brain to work. If I keep staying at home cleaning, watching tv and drinking coffee with my friends or mum, then I will completely lose myself - not to mention my mind :D

Good for you! I hope you can find something - hopefully with a supportive and flexible employer - and they do exist! You'll have a lot of desirable skills and experience from being self employed and juggling a family and a chronic illness so remember you will be an asset! Have you been on Kesimpta for long? You mentioned a relapse in May....just interested because I'm due to start K soon x


Sounds good! Stopping work is associated with a significant decrease in muscle strength and cognition (not just for MSers) so anything you can do to keep yourself active is great. I think focusing on something else other than MS is key. I'm actually considering going cold turkey on this forum and the other that I check, because I don't want my life and free time to be dominated by MS, y'know. Maybe something part-time to start with? Good luck!