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MS & Endometriosis symptoms

Hey, I’m new to the MS community, I was only recently diagnosed (2 weeks ago) so I don’t know much about ms. I have endometriosis and experience daily pain however now I’m a little confused as to what is ms pain and what is endo pain. Does anyone else have both conditions and could perhaps shed some light. My pain is mostly in my pelvic area (that’s definitely endo) but I do get pain in my shoulders, my side/rib area, just below my sternum/upper abdomen area, pain when walking/standing/sitting for long periods. I’m just not sure what is ms and as I now need to update my ms nurse with any new symptoms or changes, I don’t know what to pay attention to. (Side note: I was diagnosed with ms after getting optical neuritis in 2020 and having a mri not because of my pain/symptoms) Thanks.

Hi @Cherry, sorry to hear you're having such a range of symptoms. Yes, if you have MS it often is really difficult to separate it from other ailments and symptoms. When is your next follow up appointment, and have medications (DMDs) been discussed with you yet? Lots to take in, I know!


@cherry omg we sound like the same person! I also have both endo and MS. Have u had any treatment for the endo? I'm currently on decapeptyl injections and hrt which has been great for the pain. Speak to your Dr about it and whether you can try it alongside a DMT for your MS as it will hopefully give you an idea of what pain is what. Also do you know where abouts your endo is? That might give you an idea too x