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Trigger warning ⚠️ Abuse. Me and my partner have been together 13 years, I'm 28. My oldest son is 12 (biologically not his) and we have a 2 year old together and I've also just fount out I'm pregnant now! 😥 I'm waiting on a diagnosis for MS My partner is extremely cruel to my children and I, he will shout in our faces and scream at us for the most stupidest things. He can be sometimes physical. He's bit our youngest finger last year, he's kicked my oldest son and barged him to the floor. He breaks my youngest sons toys when he plays with them and screams in his face. He calls my oldest son fat too. The list goes on and on this only some of the things he does and I have to keep my children safe! I don't know how I can do that when we go to leave he grabs our youngest from my arms and kicks me and my oldest son out! He's on the birth certificate so he has parental rights with our youngest 😥 He told me over his dead body will he allow me to be the sole carer of our youngest and he will make sure I'll never see him again. He said if I plan any funny "sh^t" he will kill me and then kill my mum and my cats. I've been trying to leave for a while now but I got taken in hospital possibly getting diagnosed with MS that's what the neuologists are saying. I've had a pretty bad first relapse. Weakness of the left leg, Numbness all in my mouth, Weak arm, Double vision, Off-balance, loss of coordination, etc. I just had a look on Google and it says that in the UK having a disability can stop that parent from having custody! So I know he will use that to get custody of our youngest. Has anyone ever been through this? This man is such a horrible person to us but kind and caring to everyone on the outside world. I'm so sick of crying and being upset constantly watching mychildren be upset the way he acts. I'm also pregnant again and I can't bring another baby into this! But I don't know how long I've been pregnant for and I couldn't go through with an abortion. I just need me and my children to be safe! I'm terrified now being classed as "disabled" it's wrecked my chances of becoming their sole parent. I'm so scared of everything, my heart is constantly racing. I'm a complete mess 😭 Sorry for the long post. Just reaching out for any help whatsoever in hopes someone's been where I am! This man won't stop till I never see my youngest again 💔 he works full time, I'm with my youngest 24/7. I'm heartbroken but I need to find a way out for all our safety!

secretly record him being a fruitcake to back your story up Incase you need to. Then take the kids and go to a family members place.


Can you go to a woman's shelter? does your mum know how he treats you?