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Doctors wont listen

I have been to multiple doctors over the past couple years and nothing. Things are only getting worse. At first it was pain in my legs. Now tingling and numbing in arms and legs, headaches, eye pain, dizzy, bladder control, brain fog, fatigued beyond belief, heat intolerance,speech issues, and weakness to name some symptoms. I've even fallen a couple times over the past couple of months. I was just to my go again and she said anxiety again! I can't! I feel like I'm losing control of my body. I like to be active and I can't. Ms is in my family too. All I want is help. I feel like I am declining faster and faster. I'm 36 so thats really scary especially since I can't fond someone that will listen to me.

Make an appointment to see Aaron Boster MD. He is in Ohio but does virtual consultations as well. He will listen to you. Check out his large YouTube channel as well.