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Kesimpta, about 6 months in

So, I have seen some on here talking about the fact that they are thinking of Kesimpta, and I just thought I would get on here and share my experience. I know it is a new drug, but I have had no side effects from it so far. I have been on it since January, and honestly the injections are so easy. I never have to handle the needle and it comes in a preloaded auto-injector pen. Afterwards I do usually need to rest, only because it does make me a but tired. I am still able to do things around the house, I just avoid going to the store or out anywhere. Next day is usually back to normal if I give in after the injection, so fair trade, and that is why I do them on a weekend, that way I can relax and not have to worry about it interrupting the week. You start with 3 starter injections that are given a week apart, and usually in your doctor's office for training, then you skip a week and start the monthly maintenance doses. Novartis, the company who makes Kesimpta, was really helpful in getting everything set up. They will send a sharps container, with a prepaid shipping label to send it back when it is full, they sent me a cooler for transport in case I had to travel with medication (which I have had to, and it was super easy,) they also sent a practice pen so you can get comfortable with it before you are handed the real thing, and they have nurses that will do one-on-one conferences with you to talk about the injections to make sure you are ready and to answer any questions you have. They definitely make sure to help you with whatever you need. Honestly, if anyone had any questions, please let me know. I will be happy to let you know or see what I can find out. I did recently have a 2nd flare up but I will be honest, I am still working on my stress levels and my diet, the diet being the biggest part. But I have had another MRI and no new lesions, and other than the flare, no changes. So, the medication is doing what it is supposed to, the next step is up to me.

Thanks @Carolyn it is really helpful to hear your experience. It sounds like you have had good support. Kesimpta sounds like a good option 👍.


@Carolynbrooks Glad it's going well for you. Keep us informed if you could it's still waiting to be approved here in the UK so any info about it would be greatly appreciated.