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Memory, thinking skills in MS may be aided with Mediterranean diet

Hey there MSers 👋 What kind of diet do you follow? I recently came across some exciting news that I just had to share with you. You might be interested in hearing about a study that suggests a Mediterranean diet could reduce the risk of cognitive problems, like memory and thinking skills. The study evaluated 563 people with MS on how closely their diets aligned with a Mediterranean diet, which includes high intake of fish, fruits, legumes, vegetables, and healthy fats (olive oil); and low intake of meat, dairy products, and unhealthy saturated fats. The results were impressive: participants who more closely followed the Mediterranean diet had a risk of cognitive impairment 20% lower than those who didn’t follow it. As a huge fan of Mediterranean cuisine myself, I was thrilled to see that it could potentially help people living with MS maintain better cognition. I'm excited to see what future research will bring, but for now, maybe it couldn't hurt to try incorporating more Mediterranean-style meals into your diet. If you're interested in learning more here's the link to the full article 👉 https://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/news-posts/2023/03/08/ms-memory-thinking-may-be-aided-with-mediterranean-diet-study/ Cheers, Billy

Hi Billy! Thanks for this. It's great to finally have a study on this. I am a big believer in this diet.


Hello Billy! Very interesting article! I must say it is very normal for me to follow a mediterranean diet. I am portuguese and for us the mediterranean diet is the most obvious way to eat. Since ever I eat a lot of fish (almost everyday), veggies, fruit and the only oil I use is olive oil. Of course we still have acess to process food if we want, but generally we don't eat that. Our tipically family meals (in home or restaurant) are always grilled fish with salad and fruit. After my MS diagnosis, I stopped eating meat and processed food, so now I eat 100% mediterranean diet. I'm 29y and I have been feeling great for the past 10 years, no brain lesions or relapses. I also try to eat gluten free 80% of time, and I avoid sugar. Anyway, I really believe our diet can change the course of MS :-)