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I am waiting for Tecfidera to be approved for me. Could anyone let me know if it helps them and what it has helped. I have double vision, pins and needles, fatigue, memory problems. Will the medicine help any of these problems? Thanks!

@badda , any Disease Modifying Treatment (DMT) is an investment for the future. Their use is to reduce the frequency and severity of relapses. Having residual sensory issues, short term memory issues and fatigue are something that we learn to live with, with some medical assistance. As far as double vision is concerned, ask to be referred to an optometrist (I believe that's their name). They can re-educate your eyes with the use of prisms, which they reduce in strength over time, to train the eyes. I know, as they helped me out.


I have a prism on my glasses but I wasn't told to go back to get the strength reduced. Thank you for your help.