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Work, stress, MS

Work has been busy lately! I'm grateful outdoor event gigs have been more consistent but it's the out of the blue, brain fog, blurred vision, trouble with speech days that still give me the fear of relapse. My Glasgow neuro said anything could've triggered my last relapse but my strongest pre-relapse memory was being sleep-deprived and stressed. It's def not as bad now as I've taken on less responsibilities since then but that memory lingers. Has the fear of a relapse stopped you/made you think twice about doing certain activities lately? #worklife #stressandms #relapse

Too be honest I don’t fear relapses for me it’s the ongoing symptoms fatigue, cog fog and cog issues, speech etc are the norm for me. All of which have gotten so bad I’m having to think about career change/options. Stress, busyness, work issues etc can all cause symptom flares try to rest when/where you can and try not to overthink it Which is easier said than done the neuro always repeats the mantra of ‘ diet, mindfulness and exercise’ chin up, butt out & keep waddling 😉


sound advice, thank you (: