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Parenthood with MS? Dodging Bugs!

Hello all, I was wondering if there are many parents on the board with young children? I was diagnosed not long after having a baby and very quickly into immunosuppression for our years from there on in. It’s been a lot to navigate but so happy to be doing it! One of the biggest challenges is - I catch everything! If there was a way to make that bold and underlined and maybe throw itself out of the page like a grenade for full effect, that should probably happen right about now. It’s not just catching it but the never ending battle or trying to shake it off while it’s there. Am I the only one who finds the influx of illness that comes with having a small child navigating early years nursery / school a really difficult balance? For those that are successful in dodging some of the bugs do you have a lot of support around you to help? I am pretty much alone which I understand may be factor. Are there any vitamins / supplements that boost your immune system without boosting it so much that it angries up your MS? Any advice from anyone navigating parenthood with MS or been there done that and have all the pearls or wisdom - your pearls would be very well received here. Thanks for reading.

I have 4. Youngest ones were still under two when I was diagnosed 7years ago. I manage to stay well but take lots of health supplements and drink enough water. Life is generally easier now they are older but it’s been a tough journey.


Hi @Jenni_Smith_1 thanks so much for sharing you your experience. That must have been so much to take onboard at diagnosis. Do you find the supplements help a lot?