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Hi, new here. End of April I started getting pins and needles in my feet and within 10 days they spread up to my chest which felt like someone was trying to squeeze the life out of me. Numb left hand, pins and needles, i was barely able to walk. Stifness in my torso. Then my eyes went wonky. Everything just out of the blue. My GP prescribed Prednisolone which put me back on my feet and after waiting 12 weeks for MRI I finally got some answers. Lesions that show this could be MS. Now I am waiting for neurology refferal to be assesed. Everything takes so long. I was told waiting time for neurology is currently 15 months, hopefully it wont take this long. But what should I expect next? I want to go back to work in september, i need to go because we need money. Does it take long to get diagnosed? Are there any other tests apart from mri that neurologist does to confirm ms? I feel like I am in a limbo right now. UK based Thank you.

I am so sorry for the frigth your have been given and the fact that they are telling you it could take 15 months!! I'm in Ireland so can't speak about the NHS but when I was first DX my MS nurse told me that one of the greatest informational resources is the A-Z on the mstrust.org.uk it might give me more insight into the NHS ways of working


@JMon thank you.