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MS brain fog

Hi everyone hope your well. Has anyone evwr had brain fog so bad where you just cant function? My husband and little one both asked me a question at the same time whilest i was doing a million and onther things and i just got so confused and so upset because i genuinly just couldnt think of the answer ans i felt so scrambled. Xx

Yes I get this completely. 🧡 it can be so upsetting. I start struggling with getting my words out too. We got this honey, gotta keep plodding on 💕


Your little one will adapt just fine, because you're just Mum and that's the way you are (although, watch out when she hits her teens and learns how to take advantage of your foggy days!), and your husband will adapt, too. I don't have one of those any more, but the rest of the family knows that some days it just takes me longer to respond. It does get frustrating, but remember to take a breath and remind yourself that you're doing the best that you can. None of us asked for this.