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Want to hear reviews of tecfidera!

Please help. Im due to see neurologist on 19th dec to let him know what DMT i am wanting to take. It has been suggested i start Tec and the not relapsing rate is 50% compared to others around 30%. This at time sounded great but having been doing my own research its seems that it maybe isnt the best due to awful side effects and i have read lots of people having to stop iy due to relapses and generally their MS taking a dip. Has anyone actually taken this and been relapse free? Im quite scared to take it now for fear it makes my MS worse. Thank you 😚

I have recently started on Tysabri, on the recommendation of my consultant. Two infusions in, I am glad to say that I have suffered neither side-effects (save for tiredness and joint pain, which I can live with) nor a relapse. I see that you are from Stirling, Scotland I presume. Again, I'm presuming N.H.S.? Doesn't your consultant have their own recommendation for you? Surely it is their job to let you know what is best for you?


Thanks for reply. That was their recommendation for me. They won't do infusions as they arent first line treatment. I know tec can be goof but just wanted to see of anyone had positives of it. I had totally made my mins up that tec was for me, maybe now im just having doubts.