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Antidepressants? To take or not to take...

The decision whether or not to take antidepressants is a very personal one. Some people, like renowned psychiatrist Gabor Mate, are convinced that there is no need for antidepressants. Other people swear they are effective. Studies comparing the effects of antidepressants to those of a placebo pill, have found antidepressants to be no more effective than placebos and both placebo and antidepressant medication were associated with clinically significant improvement scores. Antidepressants were only effective for those with severe depression (Melchert). Psychological treatments, like counselling, typically provide durable benefits that last long after therapy is discontinued, while depressive symptoms often return once antidepressants are no longer taken. Exceptions are bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. All that said, in my counselling experience, antidepressants give people an initial “jump-start” into feeling better and that feeling is something that can be continued with counselling. In the case of MS, (for my MS buddies out there) selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are considered well-tolerated first-line treatment (Perez, Gonzalez et al. 2015).

Personally I dont believe anti depressants are a solution. I don’t take any drug other than Gilenya not even paracetamol I didnt get flu or cold since 2019 and didnt get covid. I’ve never and will never try them inshallah. My sister was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 after taking astrazeneca vaccine she was at the Emergency and got strong panic attack day she was diagnosed a dr gave her anti depressants and once she’s late on them now shes panicky again 😑


My sis is a clinical dietitian