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Mavenclad vs. Lemtrada?

Hi everyone! I've recently been relapsing on Copaxone after taking it for ~4 years, and after an MRI my neurologist has offered me Gilenya, Mavenclad, or Lemtrada. At the moment I am leaning towards either Mavenclad or Lemtrada, so I'm really interested to hear personal experiences on those drugs or if you had to make this decision yourself. Any help is appreciated! I will definitely be reading up a lot on both drugs tonight but I know there's a lot of valuable personal experiences here. :)

I just completed my 5 day treatment of lemtrada last week the 5 days were not to bad took another week to recover just really tired but I feel good now and actually have seen some small improvement


I've taken cladribine. Advantages of clad over lemtrada include: no secondary autoimmunity, no injection reactions, less blood monitoring, much easier to tolerate, more convenient dosing. Cladribine also gets into brain. Lemtrada may have efficacy benefit.