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Should I start treatment now or wait?

I have recently been diagnosed with mild MS having had two separate episodes in the last two years but the first of the 3 being 12 years ago. I have been offered to start medication but I am a bit apprehensive as I am symptom free atm and feel that I should wait to see if there will be another episode. I will get a follow up MRI in October (a year after last one) to see if there are any changes in the brain. What do you think I should do? Hold of the medication or start it now?

I was like you a couple of years ago, but a few months into treatment realised it made a difference and I perhaps wasn't as well as I thought I was. I also looked upon the treatment as preventative, keeping the wolf from the door.


I just feel because it's has been diagnosed as mild. The side effects outway the symptoms. But it's always good to get others perspective on it