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Hi everyone. I have RRMS but I believe I might be progressing to different type. This disease can be so frustrating at times. I can't get an appointment with my neuro until next month and my symptoms are increasing. I don't currently take a DMT - I had a bad reaction to Copaxone and haven't wanted to try another. I'm a single parent and it's tough. I love my kids and never want to be a burden to them. The past year my memory and speech have gotten so bad and my body is experiencing all kinds of odd things. Just wish there was a magic trick....abracadabra, you're cured

@4monkiemama Copaxone was the first DMT I tried and it didn't work. In my first year I got some new lesions and I had a bad case of Optic Neuritis, where I went completely blind in my right eye for a period of time. The sight returned but the optic nerve was permanently damaged. So now if I look out my right eye alone everything is hazy and permanently in black and white. I was subsequently put on Tecfidera, which as resulted in no more new lesions for the last 4 years. It was a bit daunting putting my trust in another DMT after the initial one had failed so miserably and taken some of my sight. But I didn't want to risk any further deterioration to my sight or anything else, so I just went for it. The unknown is always scary- which pretty much sums up living with MS. However I feel that taking a risk on another DMT would be beneficial for you in the longterm and may help prevent an increase of your symptoms. Magic tricks would be lovely to cure everything MS related! The first thing I'd ask back for is my damaged sight to be cured- but sadly I think that's well and truly gone!