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Wed 17th March – An Update

Read this, I dare you πŸ˜‰

Morning All – I imagine it is as tiresome for you as it is for me to keep whacking things up as and when they cross my path. I am going to try and do a daily update of relevant and interesting things. That’ll be my small bit. I am spending far too long online atm trying to keep ahead.

As I am a news junkie and seem to straddle the patient perspective (26y diagnosed, 51y old chap married with a teenage daughter – still RRMS on ocrelizumab for a year now) but also rub along with some people far cleverer than me, like medics and researchers etc. I enjoy being able to share what I think are useful things.

I am self-isolating with my wife. We don’t think we’ll dodge it forever but we do hope that when we get ill it will be at a time when, if we need it, the NHS is less stressed than it is about to be.

Caveat: all info should be considered of the moment. Things are changing so fast it is hard for anyone to stay abreast. The evidence base used for big decisions is not there. People are working night and day to change that.



Money and Jobs – this is a major area of worry. Say what you will about the government, they have stepped up with initial economic support commitments that are roughly 20% (1/5th) of GDP. Even the Labour Party seems to be impressed.

Not everything has been got right in this first pass. They have been less clear on benefits though they haven’t ignored it. As Tories I don’t think Social Welfare comes naturally to them. There is no way they will be allowed to gloss over the disadvantaged and vulnerable in society now. If anything good comes of Covid-19 it is likely to be a change in spending for the better. Just my hunch.

Mortgages – do not just default. get it in writing. Write to your mortgage company and request a Payment Holiday. It doesn’t matter if they don’t answer or say no. You now have a record that you are trying to be responsible and face into the issue. If you don’t it will be interpreted as hiding from your obligations, even though you are not.

Rental – Same thing. Can you imagine a landlord trying to evict for non-payment of rent (if you really can’t, don’t take the piss) in the next 6-12 months? Whatever bluff and bluster they may make It sounds like govt support is coming for this too.

General debts like car, phone, loans – write to them. Explain the circumstances. Lost my job, Coronavirus, MS, stress, fatigue and so on etc. There are about to be millions affected. This is temporary, you won’t be able to swerve them forever.

It appears that people with blood type A are more vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19 than type O. No mention of type B. I doubt that exempts you. Sorry πŸ˜‰ I am A-, hooray.

More and more reports – anecdotal but credible sources – are coming out that people on MS drugs aren’t being affected badly as it was feared. This is GOOD NEWS.

Around the world, researchers are working v hard to develop a vaccine. You may have heard they injected some healthy volunteers in Seattle. This will not make it come any faster. Think 12-18 months. is stepping up to make more MS Reporters videos to address your ongoing concerns. They too will be changing. Shift is trying to keep up.

The online MS community here and on Twitter, patients and Doctors, is being all shades of awesome. Nice work. No one should feel alone and no one should be left wondering.

The thoughtless bastards who scam vulnerable people in times of crisis have not gone away. Be vigilant, especially when you are distracted by worries and concerns. These people are lower than low and have not suddenly changed for the better. Snake oil salesmen, vaccine deniers, financial scammers etc. People are people and some will always try and take advantage of your weakness. Just be aware.

The UK government has toughened its advice. Social Distancing is key. If in any doubt as to why then watch the excellent animated graphics here:

Keep taking your drugs until you hear otherwise. It certainly seems that if you are having a relapse then it is likely to make you more vulnerable than taking a DMT does.

Ring your nurse now if you need to know anything. They are likely to be driven into frontline care very shortly and will be harder if not impossible to contact for a bit.

The NUMBER 1 thing you can do is wash your hands. I said, WASH YOUR HANDS πŸ™‚


Stay safe, stay in touch, ask questions, and try and smile to find the humour. In true British style there are many self-deprecating memes, cartoons, jokes etc already doing the rounds.

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4 months ago

@dominics Wednesday 17th March??????

Cabin fever setting in already? It is here – lol

Thanks for the informative post πŸ™‚

4 months ago

@ruggermad _ I am fortunate. I have bee wfh for a long time now. Mrs S, a schoolteacher, is new to this.

A just felt that constant new update posting on the forum with every new thing was clogging it up and may even give some people an additional worry.

From a selfish pov I didn’t want to feel the need to jump on. I am an info junkie and I am lucky that I have developed a not take it too seriously capacity.

I was previously in the military and the police and am pretty sanguine about people panicking and being idiots. The rush on loo-roll cracks me up. Not really thought through. It will pass.

What concerns me is that some tough choices are having to be made and this will expose people to these who haven’t ordinarily had to see them. Like sausages: nice to eat, not great to watch them being made.

4 months ago

It’s a great post and thank you for taking the time to collate all of the updates.

What I am surprised to see around me is “healthy” without worry friends and colleagues going into panic mode as though its the end of civilisation. I can only think that they have not had to deal with issues like us MSerS and have to get into a mindset of uncertainty. God knows how our society would have coped with the outbreak of war back in the 1930’s, i’m sure that things would have gone a different route, probably for the worst.

4 months ago

Can you imagine WW2 with Twitter?

As a GP friend of mine is saying. You can tell whether a situation is properly serious by asking the following question – “Did anyone die and were the police involved?”

Presently the police aren’t involved yet, and as we have only met half the test criteria then everyone needs to take a deep breath and step away from the loo-roll and baked beans.

I always figured that if I had a weapon drawn and was instructing them to back away slowly with their hands on display then it has gone to a new level.

If not, can usually be fixed with a chat, a cup of tea and failing that, a gentle tap πŸ˜‰

4 months ago

There may be an upside to all this chaos…… The WOKE generation may actually have to do something without moaning.
There’s always a plus side.😏

4 months ago

Well crap, I hadn’t heard the blood type news! Thanks for the info @dominics πŸ˜„

4 months ago

Don’t know my blood group, thanks @dominics . @highlander the woke folk will never stop moaning

4 months ago

The professionally offended crowd are struggling to compete for headlines in these times. Not such a bad thing as they ruim it for actual issues.

4 months ago

@dominics – Thanks for stepping up to the plate – very informative indeed. Succinct and to the point. Common sense will prevail.

@highlander – The woke clan would moan about not having anything to moan about!

4 months ago

If you have a problem… if no one else can help… and if you can find them… maybe you can join… The shift MS Team……

4 months ago

Just to add to your point about scammers. .. I’m already getting txts saying there’s “new info about coronavirus in your area” with a link. Obviously please nobody click these links!

4 months ago

@highlander i ain’t afraid of no Plane crazy fool……now where is that milk you gave meπŸ’€

4 months ago

@dominics , it’s a shame the Washington Post link is hidden behind a “paywall”!

But, thanks for what you do.

PS Who are these “woke” people? I must be losing touch, I had to look up the “GIG” term yesterday. I thought it was an acronym, but it is just that. a gig, to work as a musician, i.e. a short term appearance………

4 months ago

@dominics Thank you for the updates.

A) Highly informative
B) Saves me trawling through all the cr*p trying to find the relevant bits
C) Always brings a smile to my face – especially reading the banter that follows!!!

Keep it up guys!

PS @stumbler I’m just going to Google the Woke reference too. My kids explained it to me the other day but I’ve already forgotten what it was – brain fog again!!! πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

4 months ago

@dominics, you need to set up a news channel. The DDC. Dominic’s Daily Corona updates.

4 months ago

@vixen No, no I don’t πŸ˜‰

My profile has changed to the point that I think twice about cheap knob gags or side remarks about the Ginger Hitler on Twitter.

My own channel would soon descend into opinionated swearing and ranting.

4 months ago

@dominics your summary and humor are very appreciated πŸ˜‰ thank you from the US where we get our regular dose of (mis)information directly from our (self)esteemed leader ;-0

I hadn’t heard that about blood type! I am an O+ and never get sick with anything. Maybe they will figure out more about us wonder people…I bet I am a nasty carrier! but for now am self isolating hoping my Ocrevus infusion stays on schedule a month from now.

All the people around me can go down and I am the one to nurse them. My mom says as a baby I may have had chickenpox, shouldn’t couldn’t tell. One spot of diaper rash while my 10 and 11 yr old siblings were flat in bed. Same thing when mumps went through. I showed up to baby-sit as a teenager just to be told the kids were in bed and quiet because they had chicken pox…and they didn’t even warn me first? nursed my husband through it while in college over Christmas break one year. Kids around me in high school I’m sure had what we called “mono” all the time so I was swimming in epstein barr each year without serious issues. Felt a little off a few times.

So- my immune system is so strong that when looking for a real challenge it attacked itself! Thanks for a report out of the A- crowd πŸ˜‰ Good news as well from work in New Zealand and at our local University of Mn with efforts:

And groups 3D printing respirators…technology to the rescue?

4 months ago

Thank you @dominics for a clear and informative post. Your updates are always well received. Keep up the good work and everyone stay well.

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