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Walking aids

Does anyone have advice on walking aids, I’ve got mild drop foot but unless my husband fetches me I trolley, I don’t really go out. Waiting to be contacted by ms nurse because of Covid it’s been really slow.

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2 months ago

Hi i have had surgery on my drop foot , but now my toes are clawing, my balance and weakness is so bad and I trip and fall everywhere, I use cruches most of the time so instead of relying on your 2 feet you have 4 , or out shopping i same as u need a trolly or my daughters buggy has to be strong enough to support me , have u thought of one of them push alongs with wheels and a seat for when u get tierd

2 months ago

What has helped me for years, (using a quad cane.) Helps maintain balance and to walk
better than a “plain old cane.”

2 months ago

Hello, I suffer with foot drop too. It’s progressive though. I don’t have it when I wake up but as the day goes on it gets worse. When it’s bad I feel quite unsteady on my feet as my whole leg goes weak. If I rest for a while it gets better too. I bought a pair of hoka clifton 5 running shoes and they are great. It still comes on but I can go much further and the recovery is quicker. They have a zero drop sole which is why they help – the science is beyond me but they really do help.

2 months ago

@scout , have you considered a splint? It’s an ankle-foot brace or splint, which is worn on the lower part of the leg to help control the ankle and foot.

It holds your foot and ankle in a straightened position to improve your walking.

Your GP can refer you for an assessment with an orthotist, a specialist who measures and prescribes braces and splints.

2 months ago

I should have addressed my foot drop when it first developed as I think walking poorly for years resulted in my needing a hip replacement and recovery from that has not gone well.

I’ve had an AFO (likely what is referenced as a splint above). This is the one that the specialist and I determined worked best for me but you should test several and see what style works best (they have different stiffness properties, etc.0

There was also a little device that you can slip under your shoelaces and it hooks via elastic to a band that goes around your ankle a “toe up” type of idea that I found didn’t work at all and seemed to clamp down on normal ankle movement but I have seen others post a positive comment on them.

There are also some exercises that my PT guy recommended like walking on my heels. I found the AFO caused atrophy of my shin muscles and I should have been doing aggressive PT on them to offset but was just happy to be walking better and more and thought that would offset-

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