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I went for my flu vaccination this morning. My G.P. had contacted me to tell me that I was entitled to a free vaccination because I had M.S. The nurse at my monthly Tysabri infusion was trying to persuade a lady there to take it. It is not a “live” vaccine, so there were no medical doubts about taking it. While I was at the surgery, they also offered me a pneumonia vaccine. I was told it was a “once only” jab, rather than a yearly repeat. Having been assured by the practice nurse that it was not a live vaccine, and safe to take while on Tysabri, I had that one as well. I figured that if I didn’t want the flu, then I certainly didn’t want pneumonia either…

Anyway, no adverse reaction to either jab thus far. If anyone is offered a free flu jab, then ask about pneumonia as well, would be my advice. Let’s not make life any more difficult for ourselves, eh.

Keep up the good fight.

Best wishes to all.


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1 year ago

Good advice, @wjgregg

1 year ago

Oh bugger I had me flu jab last weekend I’d of had pneumonia one too if I’d of known. Proper Yorkshireman “owt for nowt” 😂

1 year ago

Hi @wjgregg,

I accepted your friend request btw

I found the pneumonia a tad uneasy, my arm didn’t take tobit so well.

I always have the flu jab just to play safe, especially as I was on Tysabri.

Good advice there pal.

1 year ago

Dear dvtrv (I can’t even begin to finger out what that stands for),

Thanks for getting back to me. I, too, struggled with the pneumonia shot. My arm hurt like hell. I could bear it, as it was a “one-off”. If it was yearly, like the flu jab, I think I would have second thoughts.

I love Manchester. I lived there in the early 90’s, in Didsbury. Then my wife and I lived in Didsbury, then Chorlton in the late 90’s/early 00’s. I worked in Manchester for 18 years. We moved up to N.E. Lancashire in 2003, and have been here since. I still get to Manchester as often as I can. In fact, I am meeting an old pal for lunch on Thursday, then staying over. My wife still works in the city centre.

I’m glad that you’ve got a little boy. We too lost a baby late in pregnancy. We had hell’s own job having our daughter after that, so we stuck at one. She’ll be 18 soon. Where does the time go, eh? She was born at Wythenshawe Hospital, so can call herself a “Manc”.

I’m still going to Leeds every month for my Tysabri. It’s working, in that I haven’t had any relapses since the two that led to my diagnosis in 2017. Some people who attend my “clinic” with me describe it as “miracle juice”. I saw my neurologist for my annual review recently, I asked him why I wasn’t experiencing the same “miracles”. His reply, that I was “the wrong side of 50” brought me down a bit but I soon got over it. Things could be so much worse.

I’ve had to retire from work, as my mobility and cognitive problems weren’t going to make continuing in the same field possible. I don’t mind too much though. My wife and daughter ensure that I’m never bored. There is always a list of jobs that need tackling, and I of course have to do my second job as a taxi driver (you have all this to come as your son gets older). The one M.S. symptom that I can do nothing about is fatigue – I certainly sleep more than I did before (although not always at night. I struggle with insomnia).

I’m just glad that I can still be here for my wife and daughter, and lead as active a life as possible, within reason.

Take care of yourself, and enjoy life.

All the best.


1 year ago

PS – that was meant to be sent by “private message” but I got distracted and the draft disappeared. It looks like I’ve gone public when I started again. I’m not fit to be let out. No wonder I’ve had to retire…

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