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Trigeminal neuralgia

Hi everyone,
I have have been having horrendous facial pain for a while. I thought it was sensitive teeth but after a few dentist’ visits I was told it wasn’t. My GP then confirmed it was Trigeminal Neuralgia. He told me it was nothing to do with my MS and prescribed carbamazepine. I was on it a few days. No change to the pain and I noticed that my other symptoms have been getting worse. My wonderful MS nurse confirmed that my TN was an MS symptom and that I was having a relapse. She got me steroids- methylprednisolone which I’ve been taking since Friday. Anyway- I don’t see any improvement. My walking is awful, I fell at work and I’m taking a few days off. I can barely eat or speak my facial pain is so bad. Has anyone suffered from this? Does the carmamazepine start working eventually? I’m really struggling😕 any advice?
Anna x

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2 years ago

@condansmum , Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) is a debilitating pain. Carbamazepine is the pain relief of choice, but keep talking to your GP is this pain relief is not working.

There’s some details about TN here :-

As for the Steroids, they are not an immediate fix. They work by initially addressing the inflammation on your Central Nervous System (CNS) to stop the relapse. And, then the Steroids work with your body to help you recover from the relapse.

The steroids will be working with you over the next 6 – 8 weeks to effect this recovery, although it does need you to allow this recovery to happen.

So, take things easy. 😉

1 year ago

@condansmum Hi, did the carbamazepine work in the end? I’ve had a bout of TN over last few days. My MS nurse recommomended it, I am seeing gp later x

1 year ago

Trigeminal neuralgia is directly associated with MS and bloody painful, you have my sympathy, I have written about it, even photographed myself before having the operation

it needs sorting, yes there are pain killers, they to can affect balance and general tiredness, please have a read, my contact details are there and I will gladly chat, good luck

1 year ago


I have this pain at the moment. I’v had it in the past but not as bad. It seems to be worse at night time. It was really severe last night and I tried everything to try to get to sleep. I perscribed Verstatis medicated plasters a few years ago by my pain mansgement consultant. I had used them on different areas that I had pain and I found they helped a bit but last night I put some around my jaw and it stopped the pain immediately and I was able to get some sleep. You should ask your GP about them. Ann Marie X

1 year ago

@condonsmum. I also have the same problem speaking and eating. I just had breakfast now with the plaster on and I was able to eat it. X

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