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The typical path of RRMS?

Part 1: I gave up running in 2006 due to calf pain and tripping over my feet. A year or so later I found out this was drop foot and eventually 6 months and innumerable tests later was diagnosed with MS. And then nothing (except walking with a limp, getting fat, then taking up cycling), and I was sacked by the neurologist and the MS Nurse until;

Part 2: Then last Sunday I couldn’t see properly out of half my right eye, it was like grey vaseline on the lens, and hurt when I moved it. So the GP has put me on more steroids than they had in Boots (they were down to the last 5 tablets) and I guess I’ll be back in the system now.

12 years before a relapse – is this normal? what next?
It’s a funny old game.

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1 year ago

@nmce, you’re right, it is a funny old game. The only predictable thing is the fact that it’s all totally unpredictable.

Live healthy, eat healthy, avoid stress and keep your fingers crossed. The MS landscape is constantly changing, so whose to say what tomorrow will bring…………

1 year ago

The typical path has changed dramatically with the advent of a choice of dmt’s. To put it bluntly, and I wouldn’t wish ms on anyone, you have picked a good time to be dxd, I know it sounds odd, but when I was dxd 25 years ago there were no DMT!s, and the dxd was a real life sentence, no longer the case, so try everything that’s offered. We are all so different but hopefully you can write your own future😍

1 year ago

Hello @nmce, there’s nothing about MS that can be normalised. There is no natural order that is the same for two people. In some ways, that can be the worst part of this condition. I guess it’s a good thing that what is happening with you is not taking an aggressive track over time compared with other folk. I hope you recover quickly from your current episode 🙂

1 year ago

Hi @vixen, @grandma, @stumbler – Thanks for the supportive words. I’m incredibly fortunate that I’m on a non-aggressive path and feel blessed with reasonable good health. Avoiding stress while up to my dodgy eyeballs on steroids is a new one for me but I’m giving it a good go 🙂

1 year ago

Some people with RRMS live long and never proggress to SPMS
I personally hope im that in the future and all RRmsers too

1 year ago

Hi @nmce I’ve supposedly had it for around 27/28 years but only given diagnosis in June to meet neuro on a week to discuss dmt’s but I’m after changing my mind as many times in the last 4 weeks as years I’ve had it. There is very little neurological activity and I was keen to compare mri’s but the one from 2005 can’t be found – I’ve been to a bio kinesiologist who says that’s I’m deficient in vit b6 & zinc there is a name on the condition just can’t think now so – I’m not thinking that I will hold off on the dmt that could potentially weaken my very good immune system I usually would be last person standing with any bugs or cold that are going around … Give it a year to 18 mths and get another Mri and if there is activity then go on dmt ….. I do not want to advocate that as a choice for everyone but I’m a stubborn old ass and there is just this niggling voice in my head saying that if I try to solve my underlying bio problem it will have knock on effect ……. I think the issue with me is when the neuro gives u options it’s in your hands what way u want to proceed which made me look at all alternatives … Best of luck in your journey

1 year ago

that’s the fun of it like everyone else above has said MS has no one single path and unfortunately everyone that has it will experience it differently.

there is one thing that you cant let happen, and that’s let MS dictate what you do with you life. I know there’s a possibility thing may have to change but dont make decisions based on having MS.

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