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Optic Neuritis and Driving


I had my first relapse in June and was diagnosed following an episode of optic neuritis. Some steroids and everything cleared up, I thought my eyesight was grand. Today I had my DVLA eyesight check as a result of informing them and I’m shocked to find out my field of vision is impaired. I can see fine but the optician doesn’t know if I’ll keep my license! I can honestly see fine and read the charts but I get white flashes when I move my eye and the test gets you to press a button when you see a white flash. I’m so scared as losing my license will have a hugely detrimental effect on my life. I live rurally with two kids. I don’t know what I want from posting this but I’m just so scared and feel so healthy and normal and I think I’ve just realised how serious this diagnosis is. Has anyone had similar?

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11 months ago

Hi @rachelteasdale , these events are hugely unsettling and worrisome.

But, that’s the last thing you should be doing. Stress is a major antagonist of MS, so is best avoided.

You need to just sit, down and catch your breath. Optic Neuritis can take a few months to clear up, so it’s best if you just chill out and let your body do what it’s trying to do – recover.

Good luck with the eye test.

11 months ago

Hello @rachelteasdale, yes, you are very recently diagnosed. When I had recovered from my first relapse 2 years ago, ie, I felt better, I know now that it took me quite a while to recover fully. So hang on in there, there’s every chance you may recover further, and that another test further down will yield better results. All the best x

10 months ago

@rachelteasdale – curious how you are now? I’m in week 2 of optic neuritis, I’ve had MS for 15 years but never had this symptom – just when you think you’ve seen it all… you haven’t!! Ugh! It was really a dumb move on my part, I did too much yardwork and got overheated – but it felt so good at the time to get the work done and not wait for my husband to do it! Wish I could take it all back because this relapse is from me getting overheated! And losing eyesight is really hard, my right eye is affected and now living with no depth of field with just my left eye. I’m grateful to have that eye at least! I guess we are always trying to find our limited and not go over the edge. Hope you are feeling better.

10 months ago

Hiya, I’m currently waiting to hear from DVLA as I’ve filled in the form telling them of my diagnosis but also I have MS acquired gaze evoked nystagmus with double vision and ocillopsia, I hope to god they don’t take my license as I’m an hour and ten drive from work and a 3 mile drive to my son’s school , it will shaft everything…fingers crossed for you chick xxx

10 months ago

Hello everyone and hello @lcarey5 I’m doing okay. My eye definitely wavers when I’m tired and as you say the overheating seems to be the stealthy trigger to watch out for – it certainly sneaks up on me. Ive actually just finished my first day of Lemtrada and feeling pretty wiped but hopeful. When I’m tired my eye blurs and my hands get rubbish which is frustating. We went to legoland on Saturday and it was so cold I could barely use my hands and on reflection I probably pushed myself too hard before a big week. As a 35 year old mum of two young kids (and soon to be returning to a full time job) pacing myself has always been a challenge and one I’m really going to have to master but I’ve started saying no to things that don’t bring me joy. Good luck to you both with the DVLA, I haven’t heard yet but will let you know when I do x

10 months ago

@loutoodlelou , acquaint yourself with the Government’s “Access to Work” scheme :-

If the worst happens, then the Government may well cover the cost of a return taxi to work for you.

9 months ago

Hi all. I was hospitalised with optic neuritis two months ago. Five days of Solumedrol. The weird dark purple blotch in cront of my left eye has gone but all colours are still washed out and my vision is very blurry. It is actually as if I can see only ‘pale’ with that eye. I was driving today and suddenly realised that whenever fhe cR in front of me breaks or put on indicators I cannot see it with my left eye. I dont see the brightening of the light or the flashing. I am totally stressed out about this as I thought my eye is getting better but now it ferls worse. Have any of you experiencex this? Is there still a chance that my vision eill return to normal?

9 months ago

@tiesie , there’s some good detail about Optic Neuritis here :-

Recovery of visual problems can take some time, so patience is required. If you feel “comfortable” with your driving safety, you could always see an optician and see whether tinted lenses, or something similar, may help.

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