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Medication decision

Hey all, I was only diagnosed February this year, and I’ve seen my Neurologist an he’s offering me one of four medications. Would anyone please be able to tell me their experiences of the following? (I have RRMS with “mild” symptoms)

beta interferons

Much appreciated.. 🙂

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10 months ago

Hi @peacezone! 11 years on copaxone daily self injections. Chose this option of things available at the time as having the least scary side effects and easiest to routinely take. Like you “mild” rr. A few minor and one major blips along the way not ms, or at least not copaxone, related. Holding pretty steady symptom wise. Really ms fatigue is the worst of it for me … although foot drop (and so tripping and ouch the landing) a close second 😉.

Hope you find the DMT that is right for you! I find other physical therapies helpful too (chiropractic, massage and acupuncture).

10 months ago

Hi @peacezone. I’m on Tecfidera. I was terrified to start it as there are some stories about stomach upsets floating around. However, I’ve personally never had any problems. I take it with a balance of fat and protein and I never compromise on that. It really fitted it with lifestyle. I take one tablet at work and one at home. Sometimes a minor heat rush a few hours after. Another advantage is that it doesn’t really remain in the system. So, if it didn’t work for you, it should be easy to transfer to something else. Good luck! Btw, I did wait until I had a few days off work to start it.

10 months ago

It is difficult to decide but if you are lucky like me with very minimal flushing and no stomach problems I would go for tecfidera. It’s the most effective. The injectables only work for some people so it’s more than likely you will relapse sooner on them. I hated them and they made me feel depressed to the point of not functioning well at work the day after I did the jab. Some people like them but not me. Wishing you all the best

10 months ago

Ps tecfidera wasn’t available until quite recently (about 3/4 years ago). I was one of the first to go on it. I still had a relapse on it and now on fingolimod. Also mild symptoms do not mean that the MS is not shredding the brain in the background so may be a read of the Barts blog will help you to decide as well

10 months ago

I’ve been on Extavia (beta feron) for about 10 years and before that Copaxone on and off for a few years. I prefer Extavia as it’s an injection every other day and the initial side effects are a bit of flu like aching but easily dealt with paracetamol. You get liver function blood tests just to keep an eye on things. I did think about Tecfidera but have decided against but would consider it if I couldn’t carry on with the Extavia. Good luck 🙂

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