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Head in the sand!

Hello everyone, this is my first post on here so i will apologize up front if i ramble..
I have lived with bipolar most of my adult life which has been interesting to say the least. after my marriage crumbled a few years back so did my health. because i led a very active sporting life i assumed that these aches and pains that come and go were from that, now after really struggling for the last few months im starting to realize its a bit more serious…
Over xmas i had 2 weeks of the worst bout of fatigue ever, i slept close to 20 hrs a day i could not manage anything around the house,(i live alone) i had the most extreme lower back pain i have ever suffered that just come out of nowhere.i had a number of falls…one being down my stairs…. i saw a GP who run a heap of blood tests that all come back negative..he gave me a course of prednisolone for a rash i had which seems to have helped a lot. Heres where i started to ask questions.. I overheard the Dr, talking to the nurse at the practice, then when talking to her she suggested that i write a list of things past and present and even if they are very minor that could help them come up with answers. Up until overhearing that conversation i never really knew anything about MS.. i started to write a list of things and also got in touch with an old friend who has MS…Now the GP i was seeing has left, so saw another who was quite rude and not very helpful…Now after going through everything with my friend and seeing their reaction, im feeling a little bit rattled…My health at the moment is not too bad,so really not sure what to do from here, just ride the wave…document everything and see what happens, or do i find a decent Dr and push for answers…

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6 months ago

Hello Jason & welcome.
I would suggest attending another GP who has manners & respect for you as their patient. He/she needs to refer you to a neurologist & you require an MRI.
A lumber puncher may too be ordered you’ll have again an appointment for this if it’s necessary.
I’m concerned with your falls these are frightening.
Plz don’t leave symptoms suffered on the long finger (I did for too long) you need to have this sorted even if it’s just for your own peace of mind, it’s better then wondering & worrying.
I hope this spat is ended for you but you do need answers regardless.

Best wishes & much good luck Jane 💜

6 months ago

Hi @jason_sprouting. I can understand your concern, but “amateur Doctors” do not help. Only a Neurologist will be able to diagnose MS, but only after scans and tests.

MS is a notoriously difficult condition to diagnose, as the symptoms do present in various other conditions too.

Prednisolone does help with MS relapses, but at much higher doses than a GP would normally prescribe. So, this may just be coincidental.

Did your GP run any urine tests for you?

It would be worthwhile to create a short, concise list of strange, unexplained symptoms. And, then file it until, and if, something else happens. And, if something else does happen, you can march into the Doctors and demand an explanation, or a referral to Neurology.

In the meantime, get on with your life. Live healthily, eat healthily and avoid stress.

6 months ago

I agree with stumbler . Please do not assume you have ms. So many illnesses present with similar symptoms. Even trapped nerves. See another doctor and ask to be referred . Best of luck.

6 months ago

Thankgs guys….n girls…
Im keeping an open mind…and an open diary!! at this stage…just keeping notes and wait and see…it has been about 5 months since i was struck down with this mystery “whatever”! that time i didnt see a Dr..this time was very much the same but much worse, Maybe overhearing the Dr wasnt a good thing.
I will see how things go…..Watch this space.
Thank you

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