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Four days in Las Vegas

My wife & I took our final vacation of the year. The temperature was 40 Celsius when we landed is Las Vegas; 36 Celsius leaving – landing in Edmonton to 36 Fahrenheit. Seriously… Heat; air conditioned casinos; heat then air conditioned casino. Ate very well which considering my body size is a good thing. Yes I slept more than I planned yet I blame that on all the $1 drinks the waitresses kept bringing around… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Needed a wheelchair during airport transfers due to the length of the walk; not as embarrassing as I expected. Maybe acceptance is sinking in. And my family was great walking behind me in Las Vegas to ensure nobody clipped my heels & I did a face plant.

For the record I invested four evenings at live poker tables; broke even to the penny – same at the slot machines… My wife however, bankrupted us at the slot machine – not quite since it was in the budget. But still… LOL

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10 months ago

@edmontonalberta , sounds like a good time was had by all……….

10 months ago

Wow, @edmontonalberta what an exciting life you lead. I can imagine having a better time. Nice one! ๐Ÿ™‚

10 months ago

Glad you had an amazing time ๐Ÿ˜Šjealous!!

10 months ago

Mat I assume you have your next holiday booked? And if not, why? xx

10 months ago

Thank you all…

@vixen – Believe it or not, wasn’t that exciting for me; my goal was to break even at the poker tables which I did. The vacation was for my wife – she treats me so well that she deserved it…

@lightning87 – considering you were out dancing a few weeks ago, methinks we both have the same philosophy. We only live once so have fun along the journey.

@cameron – no upcoming holidays booked; will probably be next September if the budget allows. Probably couldn’t afford this one but what the heck – we only live once… ๐Ÿ˜‰

10 months ago

So glad you had a great time and came back solvent! How did you manage with the cards, I can’t feel them properly so I drop a lot, I couldn’t hold them close to my chest if I wanted to๐Ÿค‘

10 months ago

My husband has been wanting me to go to Las Vegas, we just got back from our vacation in Yellowstone park. We also went to Mt. Rushmore and Devils Tower. Did a small amount of walking with the help of my husband, he even dragged me up to a viewing platform so I could get a closer look at Devil’s Tower. We came home a little early after spending a week there he was worn out from all of the driving and carrying things in and out of the car. We had driven 3,000 miles by the time we returned our rental car. If you can manage Las Vegas I guess I will have to go someday. Potter

10 months ago

@potter – Las Vegas was a plane ride so no driving. Actually, driving would scare me since everyone is changing lanes non-stop; Uber & Lyft were my chauffeurs…

@grandma – my left hand is useless thanks to the spine surgery. Not sure if you watch poker on television; one hand hides the cards while the other turns up the corners of the two cards dealt to me. There is no shuffling, picking up cards etc…

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