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Feeling Good

Apologies if this is a repeat post – I went to edit it after posting to correct a typo – and it seemed to disappear so – original post:

So, I’ve had this never ending pain in my muscles and joints for literally years. You just sort of get used to it. I don’t like taking the meds if I can avoid them and as I have PPMS I don’t feel there’s a lot that can be done – so I just get on with life as best I can. Recently, I joined a gym to do some light resistance training as my left side – especially my left leg was getting pretty bad and I thought what the hey – I’ll try anything but it was just too painful. No matter how light I trained it was hell. As my wife and I were going together I didn’t want to give up and decided to visit the pool while she was doing her exercises. As we go very early in the morning the small pool where the kids go is usually empty so I got a couple of those long polystyrene toggles and put them across my chest and under my arms so I could float around and move my legs a bit. For some reason I could swim on my back without too much trouble but on my front…those legs just wouldn’t move very much but it was nice being in the water which was warm and seemed to soothe my joints.
I’ve been going for 2 months now – hardly missing a day. The change has been nothing short of miraculous for me. Best thing I’ve done in years. I still need at least 1 toggle most of the time but the range of exercises I’ve been able to do in the pool has meant that I’ve been able to bend and stretch in ways I’ve not been able to for years. I can now swim on my front (with the toggles) and my legs are working better and better. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed is the reduction in pain. It’s blissful.
I’m writing this just in case it helps anyone as it’s such an obvious thing but I’d overlooked it and never expected it to make this much difference. Some days I feel almost normal again. I know lots of us with MS might not be able to follow this route but if you can – it’s worth a try.

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5 months ago

I had rrms for 15 yrs
pain always there but i forget about it
bed time cant oh well its a part of life
i couldnt swim front sude for 15 years but now i can but short distance
always been able to swim backward better even before diagnosis
once lyme bug was stuck in the back of my neck for long same year as year of diagnosis

we werent aware of this insect in saudi
well had ms for 15 yrs its too late to dovablyme disease test

5 months ago

@mikero , swimming is the best exercise. The water provides the resistance, whilst supporting the body and regulating our body temperature.

I’m pleased it is working so well for you.

5 months ago

Hi @mikero, thanks for this. My sister and I havr MS, she is PPMS. We”ve just been in Spain and I was so sad for her, she didn’t use the pool as it was such a hassle to get to the waterside because her walking is so bad. She is still there so I’m gonna cut, paste and email your post to her, thanks for the inspiration😊 x

5 months ago

@vixen Thanks 😀x

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