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Drinking alcohol

Hello all! I am 50, female and have had rrms since, as far as I know, 28. I have been pretty much symptom free since initial diagnosis via mri and lp after I had right eye paralysis. I had flare up last year and found out I have had multiple new lesions now. Anyway I like to drink, wine mostly. Since my last flare up that presented as severe lightheaded ness and severe fatigue, I cannot drink more than one drink without feeling really dizzy and drunk, sometimes I even have panic attack. It just bothers me that something that has become such a part of my social and leisure life, I can no longer tolerate. I am not looking forward to upcoming annual wine tasting event. … is it even recommended to drink or not with ms? I really haven’t looked into it much.

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10 months ago

I actually read wine is good for MS. But that may be wishful thinking? When it comes to alcohol there always seem to be studies saying the opposite things! I am also having difficulty tolerating alcohol lately, I think because I’ve been having so much more MS activity than before. I’m trying to think of it it as a natural deterrent to imbibing unnecessary calories rather than the buzz kill it really is.

10 months ago

Thanks! That is a good perspective since calories are also an issue!,,,,

10 months ago

@angieh , you are the best judge of whether alcohol is good for you, and at what quantity.

Don’t let MS curtail your social and leisure life. If alcohol is a problem, then a small glass of lemonade can make it look like you’re still taking part. 😉

10 months ago


Drinking alcohol is bad; very, very bad… As I put down my beer while typing this.. 😉

Seriously though – Stumbler has it correct. Trust your body; do what is best for you. One glass of wine – or 20 is your choice. Your body will tell you!

On a side note, a friend of mine owned a Greek restaurant. He always had a glass of booze in his hand all evening while pouring drinks for his customers. Years later I found out that it was watered down Coca Cola. That worked for him & his business…

10 months ago

Speaking of nonalcoholic alternatives, try mixing juice and seltzer water. You can also ask for it at a bar. I do that to make myself feel like I’m doing something special. Even the thought of drinking wine makes me somewhat happier and relaxed and a nice special substitute can sometimes do the trick 😀

10 months ago

Hi @angieh, as above, go with your instinct. Fortunately, it sounds as though your MS hasn’t taken an aggressive path, so it may well be that your current ‘state’ will improve and with it, your alcohol tolerance. Here’s hoping, hey? 🙂

10 months ago

Your light headedness and fatigue sound similar to my own symptoms, and I too can’t really tolerate alcohol. Was never sure if it was because of medications, or just my body in general not being able to tolerate it anymore, but because of that it’s something I’ve mostly given up. Like others have said though, you can still go out for social events and have something else! I know it can be a pain feeling like MS is taking something from you though.

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