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Daily Briefing Covid-19 [6th April 2020]

Wotcher guv’nor,

I did an 11km walk (we live in the countryside so can do this and see but not get remotely close to about 10 other people in 2h) and afterwards, I started feeling very shady. Ordinarily, I’d just think, ‘oh, I have had MS for so long it is bound to be messing with the way I feel’, down a couple of paracetamol and accept that tomorrow should be a lazy day. However, in these new times, one’s thoughts turn immediately to versions of, ‘have I got thevirus too? What if this and what if that…’

I woke up this morning and nothing, nada, nil, nein, nyet, you get the idea. Panic off though in truth my wife was more worried. I am not. On the three occasions we have left the house and come close to others in the last 3.5 weeks I know I had protection, I know I wasn’t within 2 metres and I know I washed my hands and wiped down my kit when I returned. I also did quick maths regarding the infections (yeah, I realise, the testing is leaving a lot to be desired) in my county versus the population, did a quick mental adjustment for the fact that we are in the countryside and not a population centre and am pretty sure that I’ll die of something else long before I even catch Covid-19.

It reminds me just how important it is to control anxiety buy Knowing the facts and not letting the highly unlikely but proper scary scenarios take over your thinking.
MS Stuff
Some fascinating things have happened over the weekend regarding information for MSers.

The Neurology Academy webinar with the founder of ShiftMS, @gpeps, went online. Watch it here.

This editorial – Prof G seems to have a hand in everything, I am not a blinded fanboy I promise! – has been published. There are several authors so not just the work of one man.

Don’t forget to fill out your info here – – as this helps all of us and is totally anonymous.

For all sorts of things MS from pregnancy questions to what happens on clinical trials to information about alcohol and MS go to the ShiftMS Reporters channel on YouTube :

For the less technical but ever so important social/mental side of things, there is the main ShiftMS channel on YouTube:
Social stuff
Nothing really, just the boring minutiae of daily life.

Mrs S is busying on her holiday sewing laundry bags for NHS employees so they can safely transport their dirty work clothes to and from the hospital. Bit of a star. She is right on it and only limited by her spare fabric!

An interesting explanation of connectivity from a risk specialist I know. It really is an interesting video, all focussed on Covid-19 and the effect of under and over connectivity.

As ever, stay safe you ‘orrible lot!

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