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CIS treatment choices, help!


After visiting the MS specialist today I have a few questions about the options presented to me.

After being diagnosed with CIS, the MS neurologist said that I had two options, I could wait another 6 months for another MRI/ change in symptoms OR start Copaxone shots 3 x a week as a preventative method as he suspects I will develop MS.

Is there anyone who recommends taking the early route to prevent potential demyelination?

How much change in symptoms or additional progression is typically seen in a 6 month period without treatment in the early stages?

Has anyone else been presented with this choice and what did you decide?

Thank you for your help,

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1 year ago

Hi Alex and welcome!
I have been diagnosed with CIS for 2 years now. I chose to start DMT right away to help prevent further progression. My choices were Copaxone and Aubagio which are both first line drugs (lower efficacy and less side effects) I chose Aubagio since it is a pill and I am still on it. I am thankful that I started medication right away as I have shown no further symptoms and my MRIs 2 years later was the same and showed no progression.

It is a personal choice, be sure to do your reasearch. Many people on here that are CIS and RRMS are on DMTs.

Good luck!

@alexthebrave what did your MRI show and was that the reason the dr felt you would convert to ms?

I think that would be important to decide if you should take a dmt now or wait. Is copaxane your only option? If you have good reason to believe you already have ms based on your mri I would push for a more effective treatment option and try to keep this at bay as long as possible.

1 year ago

@alexthebrave , this previous post and its associated links may help :-

Is CIS a type of MS?

1 year ago

Not sure what to suggest, just sharing my story. I had CIS optic neuritis 20 years ago. Nearly 5 years ago I started having what I now know are partial seizures most probably caused by further small lesions as evidenced on MRI this year. I am not on treatment for MS, just the seizures. I have not had any typical symptoms and my neuro says its a watch and wait. I get the impression starting meds early is a good way to go but I am 20 years down the line with little progression. It’s a tough call…good luck

1 year ago

So interesting, is it only in certain parts of the UK that are offered DMT’s? In Glasgow we are not even referred to an MS nurse.

1 year ago

I am currently on copaxone and it has had minimal side effects, the only thing that happens is i get a red bump after the injection. it does not require liver tests and i believe it was the right choice for me. , although i started taking it after my CIS developed into MS, it has been said to be working. Good luck, there are many options out here and if you dont like one, you can try another!! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

1 year ago

Thank you Alexthebrave for starting this thread. It has helped me steer my next neuro appointment as I am just going with the flow at the moment. I hope your meds keep symptoms and progression at bay. Keep us posted please!

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