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Badly effecting my eye

Hello everyone.
I have been diagnosed with remitting / relapsing
MS over a year ago. After having a catteract removed my eye was quiet blurry but we gave it more time to settle which of course it never did.
My surgeon sent me for an MRI which confirmed demyelination disease. It is still the same up to now. Apparently there isn’t any treatment for it . I have other symptoms of MS
Balance/ fatigue/ constipation/ bladder weakness. I am just wondering if anyone has had this problem as I would love to be able to see clearly and not seeing through a bubble which is the only to discribe it.
I would forward to any suggestions
Many thanks.

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10 months ago

Hi @hilaryk0757 and welcome.

I’m sorry that you’re having visual problems. This must be very frustrating for you.

The sequence of your events isn’t that clear. Obviously, the cataract would have been causing you visual problems, but did your MS diagnosis precede the the cataract operation or was it as a result of the problems that followed it?

I should imagine that you’ve seen a Neurologist, to receive a formal diagnosis of MS. Were there no discussions about Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs), to try to prevent the progress of your MS?

Were you not introduced to your local MS Nurse? They are MS specialist nurses and are usually the main point of contact for someone with MS. As well as offering direct support and clinical advice, a nurse can connect people to other appropriate services, such as a doctor or a therapist. They would be able to provide advice on some of the symptoms you are experiencing.

There’s some details of these symptoms here :-

There are also some details about Optic Neuritis, which is causing your visual problems :-

It would appear too late to consider a timely intervention, i.e. Steroids. We’d have to hope that this now improves over the passage of time……….

10 months ago

Apparently I had one leision back in 2007
As I had an MRI for repeating headaches.
Since having the cataract surgery it was apparent that I have demylation which is caused by MS along with other symptoms.i was give a 5 day course of very strong steroids but they made no difference .
So I guess I’m just stuck with it.
My worry is I don’t want my eye to get any worse

10 months ago

@hilaryk0757 , are you under a Neurologist? I would hope so.

It seems strange that the Optic Neuritis started at the same time as the cataract surgery. Although, any stress of an impending procedure may have been the catalyst.

The Steroids would have addressed the inflammation that caused the problem and then helped your body try to recover. The Steroids would have made no difference to how you’ve recovered, although they would have made any recovery occur sooner.

The problem is that as we grow older, our ability to recover diminishes.

Anyone with MS hopes for a lengthy period of stability. We can help this happen by living healthily, eating healthily and avoiding stress.

10 months ago

Don’t forget, steroids can take a while to work with some people, patience can be very difficult, but wait a few weeks, and if no improvement, give your ms nurse (assuming you’ve been assigned one) a call. Good luck😍

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