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Anyone else had this?

Did anyone else experienced a mild allergic reaction to milk, cheese, dairy etc. after their first attack?
I used to be fine with butter, cheese, milk etc. until a few weeks ago. I’m not on any treatment. The only thing I can think of is that it coincides with the time that I cam off my short burst of steroids (I’m quite newly diagnosed).

I’m coping ok with milk substitutes and margarine etc. Just want to know if anyone else has experienced this or whether it’s a coincidence 😂

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Keepsmyelin99 you know before I got diagnosed now that I think about it…. I use to love cottage chees, wipcreem. but now if I have any of those my stomach will be off for 24 hrs and ill be in the bathroom every 5 min.

1 week ago

So weird! Maybe there’s something in it @christopher_stiles … I’ve found that if something has even the slightest trace of milk powder in it that I will start to get spots and acne-like blemishes around my mouth and neck!

Keepsmyelin99 have you tried lactated milk or any medications to help with the dairy products. I mean I can drink milk eat yogurt and cheese just fine but. with me when they put me on steroids when I was in the hospital I mean they where pumping them in me every 24 hrs because ive had it bad. ever since them my hunger is nothing compared to when I first found out I had ms . but have you talk to your doc about these symptoms ?

1 week ago

NOooooon dairy products not good with mser stop diary

1 week ago

I’ve not mentioned it to a doctor yet, but I’m going to. It doesn’t really bother me tbh but I got annoyed with everyone pointing out my spots so I just switched to oat milk and stuff! I’ve completely cut out dairy since I noticed it was making me break out and it seems to be working for me.

keepsmyelin99 screw what people say or think of you ….. you do you …. they don’t know what you go threw … or they do idk lol but with me iv talk to different people that have ms and its different for other people I guess idk I’m still new to the whole ms thing myself

1 week ago

I had itchy feeling in my shoulder was so bad few years after diagnosis I wasn’t on treatment shoulder color was normal the itching had neuro feeling

1 week ago

@christopher_stiles I’m new too, everyone that I’m regularly in touch with kind of knows what I live with but it’s not just for them 😂
@nutshell88 how weird!

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