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Accepting the “new me”……

I was a teacher, social jitterbug and loved to party, played soccer, ran and I took great pride in being busy and managing it all efficiently.

I am still trying to find a way to be okay and proud of the “new me” and my “new normal”. I haven’t been able to teach in three years. I don’t run or play sports. I can only manage one task at a time. Too much noise affects me. I am now a stay at home mom, but my kids are teenagers and don’t need me as much as they used to.

My life now is all about planning ahead and getting enough rest….trying to find out how much is too far and what will “shut me down”. I feel as though I am always on the cusp of letting my inner sadness take over and own me.

But….I keep going for my family. I have taken up painting, puzzling and love playing my guitar and singing. I am taking piano lessons in the fall. My children love having me at home. Because I was a teacher, I was often exhausted by the time I got home and my own children would get the worst of me. Now, they always get the best of me. My relationships are more meaningful than I ever thought they could be. I am more comfortable talking about my disease. I am more comfortable appearing “weak” in front of others. I use my cane when I need to in public.

Every day, I keep moving and keep finding the ways to be grateful for my “new life” as the “new me”. 💕

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7 months ago

@shae43, I am so happy for you! I was just dx in February and I am working on that. I keep thinking back to last summer and comparing, it’s totally different now.

7 months ago

Welcome to the club.
We’re all a friendly bunch here.
Keep up with the positivity A+ for effort.
Just an A for effort it took you to long to find us…. could do better
Welcome again 😀

7 months ago

@shae43 Wow I’m reading this post and thinking, this is me. I know that seems silly but I can totally relate. Shut down is a phrase I use loads. Like you I just keep going 😊x

7 months ago


With or without MS, there is always a “new me” as we transition through life! And there are speed bumps!

The key is to keep solid friends to enjoy your journey. Seriously…

7 months ago

@shae43 @diva40 This totally rings true for me too. I’m 46 and have been diagnosed for 20 years, although I had plenty of symptoms for years before being diagnosed. You’re right, we’re not who we used to be, and that can be frustrating, but coping with MS makes you have to prioritise and streamline your life, and be kind to yourself! Which is a GOOD thing which we probably wouldn’t be doing if we didn’t have it. Every cloud and all that xx

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