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pain with Tysabri injections?

hello, I was wondering if anyone may have switched from Tysabri infusions to injections (in the stomach area) and how they reacted to it? I was diagnosed with MS when I was 16 and had the Tysabri infusions. They weren't that bad and thankfully not very painful, but it just took VERY long. I recently turned 18 and they offered to administer the same treatment but in a different form (an injection through the stomach area), and it would be 10x quicker than the infusion, so truthfully I was quite excited! But then came the day and oh my GOD. It was SO painful it genuinely shocked me. I wasn't expecting it to hurt so much, genuinely the worst pain I think I've ever felt. The injection happened on two sides of my stomach, so I had the first one which hurt so much. I can't even describe how overwhelming and scary and painful it was. I was crying so much and I thought gosh if I'm screaming about how much it hurts why isn't the nurse taking the damn thing out, because I thought she could, and that just worsened it. The second injection came, not any better. I was so surprised by how much it hurt but also really disappointed, to be honest. The nurses say only a few people have gone back to the infusion but some do find it painful. I just wish I didn't find it so painful. The nurses say it might be because I don't have much fat around my stomach but I'm sure many other of their patients don't as well but still react okay to it. I don't mind going back to the infusion if it means it does not hurt so much but it would be nice if it didn't take ages. The nurses kindly asked if I wanted to try it again, and I said yes, maybe it won't hurt as much next time but honestly the thought of it just scares me so much as well. I was wondering if anyone else has this kind of pain with the injections and if they have had the chance to minimise it in any way?

Hello. I have been on Tysabri for nearly four years and the injections for two years. I have never had an issue with them but do have enough stomach to take it. The stomach isn’t the only area you can have it in. Thighs? Underarm (bat wings). Ask to try another area as this way is so much easier and not time consuming. Take care. Good luck 🧡