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Does anyone else get this?

hey folks! I've really struggled with temperatures since my diagnosis. I had a job around sterilising ovens and had to quit because of it and countless pictures of my face flushing or as of late my hands have been flushing particularly in temperature changes - heat mostly but im really struging with basic things like going into a shop and dealing with the facf ive went from the cold (which makes my joints sore and stiff) to a warm environment. Does anyone else get this? if so, how do you manage it? my hands currently feel like they're on fire & aching. Currently in bed with no covers on me to try and regulate my temperature. I find when MS keeps me up at night, it gets to me the most 🥴

Hey there, I'm a lot older so put my recent inability to deal with heat down to the early menopause in my case. Saying that I've always struggled with the heat, opting for t-shirts whilst others were in jumpers and jackets... Regulating at night I opted for open windows and covers off. Shops I have no answer I'm afraid. Other than layers are my friend and find them coming off pdq the minute I was into a shop! Xx


Heat bothers me, I can only have my furnace at 60 at night, 62 during day. Hot showers I feel like passing out.my hands get red too I didn't relate them together I thought it was my wheat sensitivity. I think menopause triggered my ms on